One Day Tour to Hsinchu‧Rice Noodles and Meatball DIY‧at Hsinchu Municipal Glass Art Museum

Day1: Taipei (Taichung) → Hsinchu Old Pot Rice Noodle Museum (experience making rice noodle) → New East Hsinchu Traditional Market,city tour at the Eastern Gate → Jinchi meatball Cultural Museum (experience making meatballs) → Jinchi meatball Cultural Museum (enjoy local snacks) → Glass Museum of Hsinchu City → Going Home
Featured Stores: Old Pot Rice Noodle Museum   Jinchi meatball Cultural Museum  

Old Pot Rice Noodle Museum

  • Store:Old Pot Rice Noodle Museum
  • Brand:Old Pot Rice Noodle Museum
  • TEL:03 - 5373075
  • Add:No.569, Sec. 6, Xibin Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Local rice noodle manufacturers in Hsinchu founded Old Pot Rice Noodle Museum with the purpose of making the public understand the famous Hsinchu rice noodle. In the museum, tourists have a chance to see ancient rice noodle-making machines and utensils, with a tour guide service. Tourist can also make rice noodles by themselves so as to have better understanding of it.

Jinchi meatball Cultural Museum

  • Store:Jinchi meatball Cultural Museum
  • Brand:Jinchi meatball Cultural Museum
  • TEL:03-525-1952
  • Add:No.31, Beimen St., North Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Jinchi Meatball can proudly say all the Hsinchu people grew up eating them! Founded in 1938, Jinchi Meatball is the oldest meatball company in Hsinchu. They strictly follow Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), monitoring every detail of the manufacturing process so as to take care of the customers, who are the key for Jinchi Meatball's success. Jinchi Meatball Cultural Museum is the first meatball-themed culture museum in Taiwan. The services include meatball history tour and meatball DIY so as to make tourists experience how it was like making meatballs in ancient times. It is fun, delicious, and educational!

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