One Day Tour to Lugang Tricycle + Old Street Handicrafts

Day1: Taipei++Formosa Express++Changhua→Eight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape→Lugang Old Street→Wu Duen-Hou Lantern Workshop (Lantern Painting) →Taiwan Glass Pavilion→Changhua++Formosa Express++Taipei
Featured Stores: Wu Duen-Hou Lantern Workshop    Taiwan Mirror Glass  

Wu Duen-Hou Lantern Workshop

  • Store:Wu Duen-Hou Lantern Workshop
  • Brand:Wu Duen-Hou Lantern Workshop
  • Add:No.310, Jhongshan Rd., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Inseparable from our lives, lanterns imply wishes for safety, evasion of evil spirits and fame. Lantern making emphasizes fineness, appropriateness and expression of good luck.
In the past, many industries were hereditary, and lantern painting was one of them. Being passionate for painting, Wu, Tun-Hou learned to make lanterns from Wang Family and inherited Wang’s family business in fear that such craft would disappear. With his talent and experience in making puppets and painting scallops, Wu started to create lanterns and establish Wu Duen-Hou Lantern Workshop in 1940. Visitors may appreciate masterpieces created by Wu and his son as well as make their own lanterns.   

Taiwan Mirror Glass

“Brightness and Wonder all Around”

TMG has been established for over 60 years and provides various glass products with emphasis on quality. We consider customer satisfaction comes from the efforts of every employee.
Environmental Policy
We take our social responsibility seriously as well as keep our organization sustainable; therefore, we endeavor to improve our environmental management system.
Occupational safety health policy
Our company focuses on our responsibility of ensuring the work place safety and hygiene, we continuously improve our work environment, so that we can provide a secure, healthy, and proper operational site, which also enhances our production efficiency.

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