Two Day Tour to Pier-2 Art Center + Dapeng Bay

Day1: "Taipei++HSR++Zuoying→Buddha Museum→Pier-2 Art Center→Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory→Rueifeng Night Market/Liouhe Night Market →Hotel"
Featured Stores: Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory   Seadawn Seafood Park  

Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory

  • Store:Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory
  • Brand:Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory
  • TEL:07-8227488

Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory has been operating for more than 50 years. After the takeover of the second generation, Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory has been proactive in achieving process specialization and standard operation procedure. Moreover, it is the first mullet roe factory that passed two food safety certifications. Through experiencing and learning from mullet roe production, Jhen-Fang Mullet Roe Factory has successfully passed down the unique mullet roe culture of Taiwan and now is trying their best to make the mullet roe culture the glory of Taiwan.

Seadawn Seafood Park

  • Store:Seadawn Seafood Park
  • Brand:Seadawn Seafood Park
  • Add:No.122, Chenggong Rd., Tiancuo Vil., Linbian Township, Pingtung County 927, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located at Linbian Township, a prosperous fishing village in South Taiwan, Seadawn Seafood Park was established by Jhengyi Food Company to offer quality seafood snacks made of the freshest ingredients. Seadawn Seafood Park was approved by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs as the first tourism factory in Pingtung. With 40 years of experience in food processing and manufacturing processes, Seadawn Seafood Park aspires to become a local industrial locomotive that stimulate education, tourism and recreational activities.

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