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「Sunrise Re Pot」The sunrise view and the clear tea emitting temperament of aesthetics at dusk are fantasized into light and prolonged mellowness that indulge people with drinking in time of Zen. Product Director Jia-Shang Chen has committed to study tea production for all his life, started cultivating tea in 1981. Under the leadership of old tea masters, Chen emphasizes o building Taiwan’s premium oolong tea, Jinxuan and black tea starting from the cultivation, harvest, production and roasting. Chen even built his own premium brand for Taiwan fine tea, 「Sunrise Re Pot」
Chen dedicates everything he owns to Alishan and only the land, customs and weather of Alishan can brew such exquisite and mellow tea leaves, while only the majesty of mountains can highlight the prestige and collection in premium tea. Alishan have a unique climate and environment, where fog travels all day through the tea trees, giving birth to rich and thick tea leaves. There is enough daylight and drastic change in temperature, so the tea could slowly collect essence of dew, cloud, and fog drip. This one-of-a-kind growing condition makes for leaves of exceptional flavor and complexity that is hauntingly memorable.

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