The custom of Taiwanese people eating pastries can be dated back to over one hundred years of history. However, with the change of time, the migrated pastries are now different from the food specialties of their origins while new pastries have evolved in different places over time.

The early ancestors, migrated from Fujian and Guangdong to Taiwan, ground the rice into a very fine powder and made it into Gao or Guo, which became the most common snacks in civilians. During the Japanese Ruling Period in Taiwan from 1895 to 1945, the Japanese brought in their eating habits to Taiwan during this period, whereas the Wagashi (Japanese desserts) started to appear in Taiwan. The population increased so rapidly in post 1960 and the government encouraged people to eat more noodles and buns, which indirectly contributed to the growth of pasty industries. The introduction of Western cookies and gift boxes after 1980s immediately became popular and it was only until the reproduction of retro styles after the 2000s, the market then returned and started to offer combinations of Western and oriental wedding pastries.

On the other hand, candied fruits are popular snacks in Taiwan as well. There are various legends about origin of candied fruits. It Is said to first appeared during Han Dynasty, and it has evolved from a delicacy of royal court to civilians. People like to give candied fruits as farewell gifts. Taiwan is an island that produces various fruits abundantly, and therefore, the early ancestors started to make fresh fruits into candied fruits as well. Candied fruits are well loved as snacks in daily life.

Traditional pastries and candied fruits are now shining with a variety of styles and flavors. They are the best choice for leisure and gift ideas. We sincerely invited you to enjoy the savor.

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