Taiwan’s long history of glass production dates back to 1884, beginning with Hsinchu that abounded with ore and natural gas. Until now in the 21st century, Hsinchu is still one of the most important centers of the glass ndustry.
Early Taiwanese glass products were mostly aimed at practical use, but after 1960, when the economy was taking off and glass technique evolved, “art” glass emerged. Nowadays, there are two mainstreams of Taiwanese glass, which are industrial glass and art glass.

In the 1980s, Taiwan’s art glass became more creative and innovative, and individual studios became one of the main operating modes. This coincidentally met one of the marketing principles: “product differentiation” or “product branding.” As a result, a new road with less competition and a higher threshold was built in a market originally dominated by prices. Not only was the market able to be differentiated distinctly but also a brand quality that was artistic, exquisite, number-limited and unique was shaped.

Nowadays, Taiwan’s glass industry is enjoying the positive cycle of “the industry facilitates art and art adds value to the industry,” and is developing towards industrial vertical and horizontal systemic integrations to form massive industrial communities situated from Hsinchu to Changhua in the south, which has not only raised the product quality effectively and established solid foundations for industrial technological layers and R&D capability but also, more importantly, steadied the numbers of orders and expanded its international market share through the two major competitive advantages of high efficiency and ingenuity.

Taiwan's glass industry had already introduced the notions of “environmental protection” and “cultural creativity” in early times. At a time when the entire world is calling for energy conservation and quest for creativity, Taiwan’s glass industry has already offered the market with green, quality products. In the meanwhile, it is also performing brilliantly in merging cultural creativity into operating modes, which has served as an exemplar for neighboring Asian countries to vigorously emulate and learn from.

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