• Moon Festival

  • Overview:Nantou is the only county in Taiwan that is not littoral. It does have the most beautiful lake to make up for the loss. Sun Moon Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan, is also the most visit location for foreign travelers. Due to its unique location, Sun Moon Lake has become the popular spot to host swimming, cycling, and marathon events.
  • Festival Dates & Times:2016-09-15 ~ 2016-10-15
  • Festival Location:"Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival (Choawu Pier → Ita Thao Wharf Pier, Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County)Nantou County Yuchih Township Wuling Cycling Race Start from Geographic Center Landmark of Puli Township, Nantou County and end at Wuling parking lot.Nantou County Puli Township Zhongtan Highway Marathon Round trip between Caotun and Guosing, Nantou CountyNantou County Caotun Township"
  • Contact Us:Nantou County Government
  • TEL:886-49-2203639


Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival is the largest event to take place at the lake every year. Starting from 1983, swimmers from all over the world gather here around Moon Festival time and participate in this event. The event is about 3000 meters long and is officially listed in the ISHOF in 2002 with thousands of people swimming across the lake to achieve the record. 

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