• Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival

  • Overview:Keelung Chungyuan Festival is one of the 12 important folk customs recognized by Tourism Bureau under Ministry of Transportation and communications. The Festival began in Qing Dynasty in 1855 and has a history of 162 years. It is an event started by the common people, aimed to spread the idea of cross-culture understanding, sharing with the needy, and compassion for the unfortunate. Its history accurately reflects the common Keelung residents' value and ways of life.
  • Festival Dates & Times:2016-08-02 ~ 2016-09-01
  • Festival Location:Lao Da gong Temple No. 37, Ln. 76, Le 1st Rd., Anle Dist., Keelung CityKeelung City Anle District
  • Contact Us:Cultural Affairs Bureau, Keelung City Government
  • TEL:886-2-2422-4170
  • Event Website:http://www.rs-event.com.tw/2016kmsgf/index.html


Every activity in Keelung Chungyuan Festival has its culture meaning, custom, and story behind it. The opening of the underworld gate, or the "Kan Gate" is so that spirits can return to the world of the living to receive people's offerings listen to sutra recitations in order to elevate into a better afterlife. The Star Lamp, or "Dodeng" represents the ties of those sharing the same family names. On the lamps there are ruler, scissors, scale, sword, and mirror, each representing some good fortune. The passing of the lamp symbolizes the passing of heritage between generations. Water lanterns are released at this time to light the way for drowned spirits in the water.  The Zhong Kui dance on the 15th of the month is meant to invoke the king of ghosts and start herding the spirits back. Lastly, the Kan Gate closes on the 1st day of the eighth lunar month, so that no spirits remain in the world of the living to terrorize people.


For detailed directions please check http://www.rs-event.com.tw/2016kmsgf/traffic.html

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