• Lukang Dragon Boat Festival

  • Overview:Lukang Dragon Boat Festival has been held for last 35 years and is one of Taiwan’s 12 major celebrations. It includes the rich, diverse, and unique Welcoming the Dragon King ceremony. Prior to the dragon boat races, people appeal to the Dragon King deity of Longshan Temple and Water Immortal Deity of Tianhou Temple for protection and sustenance as well as a smooth year for the races and other events.
  • Festival Dates & Times:2016-05-15 ~ 2016-06-12
  • Festival Location:Lugang Township and Zhangbin area (Lugang Township, Changhua County)Changhua County
  • Contact Us:Changhua County Government, LuKang Town Office
  • TEL:886-4-7287488
  • Event Website:http://55lukang.mmhot.tw/?ptype=info#info_001


The Dragon God in Longshan Temple grants safe voyage for ships. Shuexian Deities in Mazu Temple rules over the waters. The tradition of welcoming the Dragon God started in Quanzhou, China. In the old days, the fifth lunar month was considered "poison month", with turbulent weather that often leads to plague and disease. The tradition was then formed where people would pray and welcome the Dragon God in order to drive out the sickness. Lukang is the only area in Taiwan that still kept this tradition today. Every year before the dragon boat race, Dragon God and Shuexian Deities from both temples would be welcomed to oversee and protect all events so that they are safe and problem free. 


1. Drive, take the train to Changhua and transfer to bus or take the Taiwan Trip Shuttle Bus Lukang route to Lukang.
2. After arriving at Lukang, the event organizer has provided 3 different shuttle bus routes. Shuttle buses are free to ride


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