• Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival

  • Overview:The Penghu County Government officially hosted the 1st Annual Penghu Fireworks Festival, which has become Penghu's major tourism event today. The event has gained considerable popularity both domestically and internationally, attracting a significant number of domestic and foreign tourists to Penghu each year. The event is inevitably the most anticipated summer festival under Penghu's night sky.
  • Festival Dates & Times:2016-04-18 ~ 2016-06-23
  • Festival Location:Guanyin Pavilion Leisure Park: No.7, Jieshou Rd.,Penghu County Magong City
  • Contact Us:Penghu County Government
  • TEL:886-6-927-4400
  • Event Website:http://tour.penghu.gov.tw/firework/index.aspx


This event was born out of a tragedy. After the infamous crash incident involving China Airlines in May of 2002, in order to raise declining visitors, the local Penghu Government partnered up with China Airlines and hosted Chinese Valentine's Day event by the fisherman's wharf. China Airline flight attendants performed at the event along with amazing fireworks display which won positive reviews from the public. Penghu Government teamed up with airlines, cruise liners, and local merchants to co-host the event. The location was also moved to Guanyin Pavillion Park. The fireworks launch spot is only 300 meters from the crowd, so visitors can get a close up view of the fireworks. Beautiful fireworks going off 8 to 16 feet above the sky in front of your eyes. The special close range of the fireworks is extremely unique and different from all the fireworks events hosted elsewhere in Taiwan.


Airline Info: 
Magong Airport (06) 9228188
Uni Air (06) 9228999
TransAsia Airways (06) 9228899
Far Eastern Air (06) 9228801
Mandarin Airlines (06) 9228688

Ferry info: 
Taiwan Navigation (06) 9264087
Star High-speed boat ferry (06) 9260666
Venus High-speed boat ferry (06) 2911670

Penghu County Public Transportation Office: (06) 9272376

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